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Words of Hope

The name of this newsletter comes from the idea that healing gives victims a voice and a new hope of abundant life. 

A client I have been working with experienced sexual abuse for many years as a child. For most of her adult life, she continued to accept abusive behaviors from others - until she started healing. Now, she knows she can speak up when something is not right, she does not deserve to be mistreated, and it's okay for her to do the things she likes. She knows that her feelings are valid no matter what anyone says. She knows that God loves her abundantly and always has. Her healing continues and she has days that are a struggle, but she keeps moving forward and doesn't give up. God’s Word says that Jesus came to give us an abundant life and this woman is beginning to live that life. Our God is good!

Prayer Needs

Please pray for our faithfulness, obedience, and abandonment to the Lord’s calling. Pray for our clients, our family, and those who help us with our fundraising projects.  Pray for all those who support us financially, by prayer, our Church family,  and those churches who open their doors to New Hope.  Finally, please pray for God’s provision and protection as we walk into enemy territory.

Sandwiches of Hope

Every Friday at 4 pm, in front of Bethany Grace Community Church (31 North Pearl Street, Bridgeton, NJ), we hand out sandwiches to anybody who wants one.  This ministry started in December 2013 serving only a few sandwiches, but now we prepare over 100!  Contact us if you would like to donate supplies or volunteer.  

Thank you for supporting New Hope Counseling! We appreciate you so much!

I run in the path of Your commands, for You have set my heart free!
Psalm 119:32


New Hope Counseling – 856-506-5046